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Ministry and Function of Angels! by Jim Goll
By Jim Goll

Ministry and Function of Angels
by James W. Goll
Three times in my ministry life thus far, I have studied the ministry and function of angels. The first was in the 1980’s when I was a pastor in Warrensburg, Missouri at Harvest Fellowship. The second was in the 1990’s while I was on staff with Mike Bickle in Kansas City. The third time was this past year in 2006 in Franklin, TN when teaching one of my classes.

Not only has the Holy Spirit had me to study the scriptures, but once again, I dove into church history and gleaned many different perspectives. Then I combined these two scholarly approaches with the experiential – I did interviews with people who have had angelic visitations and added some of our own testimonies. Thus we have a three cord strand that cannot be quickly torn apart – scripture, church history and current day accounts. This is the framework I use in all of my writings whether for books, magazine articles or study guides.

The following material on the Ministry and Function of Angels is a part of our latest book called Angelic Encounters. Take and read – this is our life!


Among the 300 scriptures on angels we find three main warnings concerning angelic beings. Let’s look at them:

1. Do Not Worship Angels

Colossians 2:18,19 – Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath no seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind.

2. Do Not Revile Angelic Hosts

A. Jude 8 – Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.

B. II Pet. 2:10,11 – But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, self-willed, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities. Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusation against them before the Lord.”

3. Always Judge the Message

Galatians 1:8 – But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.


1. The Angels Render Service to God

Psa. 148:2,5 – Praise ye him, all his angels: praise ye him, all his hosts… Let them praise the name of the Lord: for he commanded, and they were created.

2. The Angels Render Service to Christians

A. Heb. 1:7 – And of the angels he saith, Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire.

B. Heb. 1:14 -Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?

3. The Angels Perform God’s Word

The following describes three possible ways that angels are released into their service.

A. Psalms 103:20, 21 – Bless the Lord, you His angels, Mighty in strength, who perform His word, obeying the voice of His word! Bless the Lord, all you His hosts, you who serve Him, doing His will.

1. God’s direct command released to the angels giving them a “job to do”.

2. God’s command released through man:

a. Through intercession an invitation or request is heard and God responds to man’s cry.

b. Man hears God’s word in his or her heart and – thus speaks (a rhema word or gift of faith).

1. Minister the Presence of God

A. Isa. 63:9 – “And the angel of his presence saved them: in his love and in his pity (compassion) he redeemed them; and he bare them, and carried them all the days of old.”

B. Rev. 18:1 – Illuminated earth with His glory.

C. Angels are said to have camped around Charles Finney’s meetings.

2. Deliver God’s Word or Message

A. Mt.1:20 – Sent to Joseph.

B. Mt. 2:13,19 – Warnings to take Jesus to Egypt.

C. Lk 1:19,26 – To Zacharias and then to Mary.

D. Mt. 28:1-7 – Resurrection proclamation.

3. Release Dreams, Revelation and Understanding

A. Dan. 8:15-19 – Understanding of end times imparted.

B. Dan. 9:23 – To gain understanding of the visions granted.

C. Rev. 1:1 – Revelation of Jesus Christ communicated by His angel. This is how the book of Revelation was received by John, the apostle on the Isle of Patmos.

4. Guidance and Direction Given

A. Acts 8:26 – Philip and Ethiopian eunuch.

B. Gen. 24:7,40 – Bride for Isaac.

C. Acts 27:23, 24, 29 – Message to Paul on ship.

5. Deliverance Brought Forth

A. Isaiah 37:36 – “Then the angel of the Lord went forth, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians a hundred and fourscore and five thousand.”

B. II Kings 19:35 -185,000 of the enemy were struck dead.

C. The British Air Chief Marshall believed that angels drove planes of dead Royal Air Force pilots during the Battle of Britain during World War II and thus helped protect Britain from Nazi invasion.

6. Protection Granted

A. Matt. 18:10 – Guardians over children.

B. Psa. 91:11,12 – In charge over believers, bearing us up from danger.

C. Psa. 34:7 – Encamps “round about” surrounding and delivering those who fear God.

D. Corrie Ten Boom’s tells of incidents of angelic help while in Nazi’s concentration camp.

7. Death of the Saints

A. Psa. 116:15 – “Precious is the death of His godly ones.”

B. Psa. 23:4 – In “the valley of the shadow of death,
Thou art with me.”

C. Lk.16:22 – Lazarus carried away by the angels.

D. Jude 9 – Dispute over Moses’ body was made between the God’s angels and the powers of darkness.

8. Impart Strength

A. Matt. 4:11 – After a 40 day fast, the angels imparted strength to Jesus.

B. Luke 22:43 – Jesus in Gethsemane was once again strengthened supernaturally.

C. Dan. 10:16 – 18 – During a time of distress angels were used to impart God’s strength.

9. Releasing Healing

A. John. 5:4 – At the pool of Bethesda, an angel would stir the waters and healing would occur.

B. William Branham’s testimony – May 7, 1946 An angel appeared to him imparting gifts of healing. and the gift of the word of knowledge.

10. Praise and Worship

A. Luke 2:14 – At Jesus birth, angels proclaimed praise to God.

B. Rev. 5:11,12 – Ten thousand times ten thousand angels declaring “Worthy is the Lamb to receive…”

C. Gen. 32:1,2 – This speaks of a special occasion where there was an encampment of God’s angels.

D. Events throughout church history have been recorded where angelic praise is heard by man. Thus it was reported years ago with Ern Baxter at a camp meeting in England.

E. Mike Bickle of IHOP KC told of a time he heard angelic music when attending an early morning prayer meeting.

11. Engaged in Spiritual Warfare

A. Rev. 12:7 – Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels in the original War in Heaven.

B. Dan. 10:13 – Michael fought and prevailed against the fallen angelic principality over Persia in response to Daniel’s intercession.

C. Psa. 149:5-8 – The high praises of God are supernatural weapons of spiritual warfare to bind “their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron.” Could these “kings” and “nobles” be fallen angelic rulers (Greek: archon) as well as lesser human rulers they manipulate?

D. Rev. 20:1-3 – An angel has a chain in this account. Who binds the forces of darkness? All three: God, man and the angels.

12. Divine Watchers

A. Dan. 4:13,17 – Looking into the historical affairs of man.

B. Acts 12:20-23 – Looking, listening and responding.

C. I Tim. 5:21 – Have no partiality because…

13. Release God’s Judgments

A. Gen. 19:11 – Blindness was released.

B. II Ki. 19:3-5 – Assyrians struck.

C. Ex. 12:18-30 – Destroyer was sent out.

D. Acts 12:20-23 – Angel struck Herod and he died.

E. Rev. 16:17 – Trumpets and bowls are poured out by the angels releasing God’s judgment in the earth.

14. Reapers and Gatherers

A. Rev. 14:6 – Gospel to preach.

B. Rev. 14:14-19 – Uses to reap the end time harvest.

C. Mt. 13:39-42 – To gather the lawless.

D. Mt. 24:31 – Gather the elect unto the Lord.


“Lord, send forth angels in our behalf. Raise up a hedge of protection around each one who reads this Bible Study. Release the angels that are guardians over Israel in this hour. Send forth your winds and fires for Jesus Christ sake! Amen and Amen!”


James W. Goll

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