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I am really saddened that as I traveled on a business trip…this week…I discovered that 95 percent of the people I had one on one conversations with….do not believe Jesus is the Name above all Names.

The ice breaker was when three of us were building our cameras together and I looked up and saw the Letters “J-E-S forming in the sky and I cried out Jesus!

I was excited and one co-worker said “it’s just a name”, I said, “no its not not to me”. The co-worker said, “in Spanish it is just a normal name”.

I stated that it was the Name above all Names!

Later in the day this co- worker was taking the name of Jesus in vain and someone spoke up and said that that would offend me…

Their nickname for me was Jesus Freak and I liked it!

At one point we were putting sunscreen on and One guy mentioned that his friend better make sure to put sunscreen on because of the skin cancer he had removed.. The guy putting sunscreen on said, “yeah but that doesn’t help my brain cancer”.

I asked him if he really had brain cancer….he said “no he was kidding, he probably should not kid about things like that”.

I said “oh, cause I was gonna pray to Jesus to heal you.”

Posted December 8, 2011 by theprayeroffaithshall in What's On Your Heart Today?

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