Encounters Network – COME AGAIN HOLY SPIRIT! From the Desk of James W. Goll   Leave a comment

Encounters Network – COME AGAIN HOLY SPIRIT!

From the Desk of James W. Goll

I trust the recent communications on Faith to Live By and Justice for the Poor have been helpful to you. If you are new to these weekly communications, then you can always go to our Archive Sections of our three primary web sites and view all the past messages at http://www.encountersnetwork.com, http://www.prayerstorm.com, and http://www.compassionacts.com.

This last weekend I did a short trip to Pasadena, California and ministered at HRock Church at their Sunday morning services. I shared a message entitled, You Were Meant for Ministry: Every Believer a Priest. The sweet glorious presence of the Lord came rushing in on the people as we “experienced the message” and didn’t just sit under another good teaching.

Around a month ago I had a profound prophetic encounter while ministering in Brazil that I am going to share with you this week – Come Again Holy Spirit! Watch next week as well for part two of this encounter which I am calling The Start of the 4th Wave Movement.

Blessings to You!

James W. Goll
and the Encounters Network • Prayer Storm • Compassion Acts Team

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