Chuck Pierce, Anne Tate -September 2, 2012 – Global Spheres Center   Leave a comment

Current Prophecy and Revelation

Chuck Pierce, Anne Tate -September 2, 2012 – Global Spheres Center

I say to you this will be a week where many circumstances will arise. But I say to you don’t flinch in the midst of the enemies movement. For I say the enemy is only moving around you because you are moving with Me. So I say keep your eye on Me, keep your hand outstretched and I will pull you out of the enemies fire, I will pull you up above his strategies and you will come down and overtake his headship.

For the Lord says this week I have released a new sanctifying fire in the second heaven. And He says you’ve wanted to and couldn’t or you didn’t know how to appropriate Me for a new deliverance. But the Lord says this is the week if you will walk with Me day by day and moment by moment you will access a new sanctifying fire and by this time next week you’ll be free in a new way.

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