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I woke up with a horrible headache this morning. It was in the back of my neck and shoulders…
I thought to myself.. Wait.. Where is this coming from?
I made myself a vitamin shake.. Sat on the couch… As soon as I drank the shake.. I felt nauseous and threw up. I thought… Hmmm the last three Tuesdays I felt this way… Not throwing up though…that was new.

So I prayed over myself… Put on the Healing Scriptures.. And at that second I had a CHOICE.. I was feeling really puny, but I decided to RISE and be healed..

I told the devil he was a jerk and the more he attacks me.. The more I will raise the level of praying for others…I told the Father… “I know you can heal me.. I know you want to heal me.. So please heal me just as your WORD says”.

I GOT UP..made myself a big breakfast.. Got ready for work and I have been rejoicing all day!

We need to learn to take authority over the devil and believe what God’s Holy Word says.

Thank you Jesus for taking that headache away!

Posted December 11, 2012 by theprayeroffaithshall in Praise Reports

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