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It was so good to be in the studio again yesterday praising the Lord with like-minded people. People that Longed for and prayed for restoration.

Restoration… not of buildings which are where people gather, restorations of hearts of people that have been carrying unresolved emotions for years and years.

I dare to say I have probably spent more time in the Jim Bakker studio than anyone because I am a camera person. camera people get more access than anybody.

We get to go Into places first, set-up, meet with the who”s who of which ever event. Then we get to leave last because we pack up.

The way I look at it is… I continued to show up at that studio no mater who was in charge.

And for a little while I was in charge in 2005-2006 I actually had keys to the studio and a blank check in order to get the studio back to the way it used to be when it thrived in the 80’s

Earl and Sabrina Coulston use to use the term “renovate”.

According to Webster…Renovate means : to restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding)

And that is what the Coulston’s did.

The Coulston”s actually Reopened The studio in September 2005
With three days of praying and fasting with Lou Engle and The Call and the Cause. Young People were all over this studio praying for the overturning of “Roe vs Wade”

In 1992 when Bruce Wilkerson and his staff were at studio, I walked in and didn’t recognize one cameraperson. Curiosity got me, and the next day I went and “tried out” for a camera job.

So I had to run camera while Bruce Wilkerson warned me that his staff was really good on camera.. So he “bobs and weaves” all over my old Studio floor and I kept up with him. He said ” you’re really good” and I got the camera position on the toughest camera.

Jim Bakker had given me a lot of practice following Preachers on a tight shot. James Robison, Benny Hinn, Larry Lea, all moved a lot in excitement and if you could keep them framed and in were considered the best of the best in Camera Operation.

The set that Jim Bakker is using today is a set that was in pieces on the floor back in 2005 and I went to the Coulston’s and I said “hey we can make a set out of this ”
I remember what it used to look like and I got Mike Balbi to help us.

So with the Coulston’s finances and Mike Balbi, and James Adams, we all put the set back together. It lives again! it was truly renovated for this restoration celebration.

Everybody wonders why those blue chairs are still in there they’re very expensive to replace so we cleaned him up and we prayed over everyone of them.
To us, and to God, every blue chair represents someone in the Past who have set in those chairs during the Jim Bakker show, and people in the future that will gather and praise the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

So when I walked in and seen those blue chairs I smiled.

Thanks to the many people behind the scenes through the years that had the keys to the building, a vision in their heart and that Nehemiah spirit to rebuild the walls.

The second part of Webster’s definition for renovate is: 2 : to restore to life, vigor, or activity : revive (the church was renovated by a new spirit)

And today is another opportunity for Restoration and Renovation!
What a Celebration of God and His Divine Purposes!




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  1. Shelia, it was really good to talk with you today and have the privilege of you and Gene praying for me. Father is doing some incredible things as we get closer to His return. We will stand together in Him, in His Restoration, and revival!


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