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My spirit has been stirred by the All Knowing, All Powerful Spirit of God who has been given to us to guide us into all truth and to speak to us what He has seen and heard from the throne of our God.

He says to me to get ready. He invites us to come into His chambers and speak intimately with Him. He desires to know us intimately. He desires to show us the secrets of His heart. He has been longing to share them with a people who are hungry for truth, righteousness, and holiness.

He recently has connected me again in a deeper way with those that I consider my spiritual parents, Bert & Caroline Farias. They have poured into me a foundation of “walking” and “abiding” in the presence and never settling for anything other than the tangible presence of the Holy One.

It seems the people of God are reconnecting with each other in the spirit of unity with one another as we grow unsatisfied with the systems of the world and the systems of man. Recently in prayer I found myself proclaiming “gone is the age of man. Today we enter into the age of God!” What I interpreted that to be is that the Lord is done allowing us to do things our way. He has had enough of man taking His Glory for his own personal gain, whether it is for fame, honor, financial gain, or whatever. That day is done!

He reminded me of the story of the Philistines who came and stole the Ark of the Covenant from the people of Israel. ( 1 Sam 5) When the people of Ashdod put the ark into their temple that also housed their god, Dagon, they came in the next day and Dagon was face down. The next day they entered he was face down again but this time without head or hands. They continued after this to pass the ark around and eventually gave it back to the people of Israel. One of the things that I believe the Lord is showing us in this is that He will not share His glory with anyone. The glory belongs to the people of God as they walk in complete obedience to His will. The glory is to be revealed through the people of God to draw others to repentance. Those people saw the victories and triumphs that the people of Israel had due to the glory (or presence) that they thought they could take it unto themselves for their own gain. I believe we are entering into a day when He will not allow His glory to be shared with another.


Wednesday June 5,2013 brother Bert began to text me regarding the things that the Lord had been stirring on his heart regarding the systems of men. This sparked in me a real passion to take these things before the Lord. That night as I entered into prayer ready to pray about these systems needing to fall, etc. He took me into a different place than I was expecting. He took me to Rev 2: 1-7 where He speaks to the church of Ephesus regarding the fact that she has turned from her first love.

The next place in scripture that really stood out to me was the letter to the church of Sardis where he speaks to the church to “wake up”. Then to the church of Philadelphia where he says that “because you have kept the word of my perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.” (rev 3:7-13)

Then to the church of Laodicea He says that because they are “neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth”.

He has placed on me a burden to pray for the church to get ready. For the bride to “return to her first love . That we would become so madly, passionately in Love with our Savior that we don’t even want to breathe without being in His presence. For the church to “wake up” from her slumber and “days of Noah” mentalities and begin to see with Kingdom eternal perspective. That we, (the church) would remember why we asked him to be Lord of our lives in the first place. That those in “ministry” would go back to the place when they first said yes to the calling and ask themselves what was the reason and motivation of that yes. If we are not in ministry out of sincere passionate love for our Savior then what is the point?

I believe that as we return to our first love and respond to the very evident wooing of the Spirit to come away and be intimate we will learn how to truly abide in His ever present anointing. Truly walking the earth as we were intended to, as carriers of the Glory. I believe that we are stepping into the days of Pentecost. The days of Acts. The days where we are walking in power. The days where we will see signs, wonders, miracles and everything that has been promised to us. I believe that as we learn to walk in the place of intimate abiding is where we will get our strength to stand in the days to come. The strength and protection for the “hour of testing” can only be found as we stand in His presence before the throne.

I hear him emphasize over and over to keep our minds stayed on heavenly things and not on the world. That we must make constant effort to resist the world, it’s systems, and mindsets.

I see a very definite line coming that will identify the sheep from the goats while at the same time I see darkness about to rise in vain efforts to mask the coming Glory as the sons and daughters of God are revealed. Church we must be ready!!!!!

I saw a picture of concrete being poured. I knew as I saw this that all the structures of men had already come to nothing. I knew that this was a new day and new foundations were being poured. I knew that we were stepping into the age of God. I knew that He was laying His own foundations for the church to be built upon. The other thing that I saw was that those who were pouring concrete who did NOT make Christ the cornerstone, their concrete was not being allowed to harden. (it would never harden again) Those who made Christ the cornerstone, their concrete was hardening.


Ever since brother Bert’s visit I have been feeling a renewed mandate on my life to get the word out. To “gather the troops” as the Lord spoke to my husband. To press in.  I feel a new sense of urgency to meet with  fellow seekers and to teach and pour everything I have learned of the Spirit into them. To gather as often as possible and build relationships so that we are all prepared for what is coming (or already here).

My prayer is “Revive the Revolution”! The Revolution of the first church of Acts. Get ready church! He is coming back for a Spotless Bride.

Christina Hugie

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