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Last night we met for a time of worship and prayer. There was one brother who came so hungry! It was so beautiful to watch the Lord respond to this man’s hunger. He always responds to our cry for HIM!

At the beginning of the night we prayed that this would not just be another gathering or meeting but that we would truly be changed by the presence of God. We asked for Him to share His heart with us. That our hearts would be moved and broken for the things that break His.

We suddenly found ourselves singing about entering into the Lord’s chambers. There was such an intimacy in the room. He was asking us to come into the King’s chambers and to listen as He speaks to us the things that are on His heart.

At one point Nikki spoke on behalf of the Lord saying…You are asking for my heart but are you sure you want it? It will hurt. Are you really sure you want it?

We immediately responded with “YES!” Then He immediately responded with more of His presence. As if to say, OK then, here you go.

We know that understanding the sufferings and joys of the Lord’s heart will not come without sacrifice. We must be wiling to sacrifice our time, personal agendas and ideas in order to steal away with Him. We must be willing to set aside what we WANT to do and do what He asks us to do. Knowing His heart will require obedience and sacrifice. But Ohhhhh, the reward of knowing Him is worth it ALL!

We also sang about His eyes of Fire. Oh just one glance from Him and we are changed! Just one glance from Him and our hearts can’t but yearn to see His Kingdom fulfilled on the earth. Just one glance from His eyes and our hearts can’t help but break for a lost and dying world to know HIM!

He is our prize. He is our reward. He is the lifter of our heads. He is our peace. He is our Everything!

This morning my husband and I were at church and there were so many references to the Lord’s heart as we all cried out for a real moving of Heaven on Earth. The Lord’s response to this cry was that He had already given us the Kingdom and it is up to us to yield to His Spirit inside of us and for us to Bring Heaven to Earth!!!

Yes God! May your sons and daughters realize the kingdom that lives inside of them and start living up to the standards of the King! That the bride of Christ conduct herself in a manner worthy of her Groom! That the people of the Almighty “I AM” walk worthy of the calling that is in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Come church. Let’s march together. One heart, one mind, one spirit as the Lord prayed that we would be ONE. Come let’s be One with each other as we yield to the ONE who called us.


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