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  I had another dream about my friend last night. In this dream I was at work and I was ministering to my brother in the Lord regarding a family situation he had regarding his daughter. All of a sudden she was there leaning over my cube. She had a look on her face of somewhat embarrassment and discomfort. (as if she knew that I knew what she had been doing and she was embarrassed to look at me) At the same time I knew that she was there because she was ready to make a lifestyle change. When I looked back at Jason and told him I needed to go he had such a sad look on his face because he really wanted to finish our talk regarding his daughter. I asked my friend if she could give me just a minute and she said sure.

Jason and I continued to talk while we worked but we were no longer working in a cubicle; we were serving in a restaurant. We could not seem to get through our conversation due to the needs of the people and the distractions that come along with serving. Then somehow I ended up on the phone with her. She had left. On the phone she was explaining to me all the reasons she was NOT going to make the changes to get right with God. After that I woke up. I was not completely sure if the dream was from the Lord when I woke up and was a little confused as to what it all might have meant if it were from Him.
Then the understanding began to unfold….
           When my friend had came to me she was in a very vulnerable state. She had the strength to come to me but not a whole lot more. I recognized that she was ready but I did not discern that I needed to respond immediately to her state of being. I should have told my already believing brother that I needed to tend to her state and I was sorry but we would have to continue later with our conversation. He and I were both already “ministering/ serving” the believers. They were already being fed and tended to but none of that mattered when there was a soul on the line. I should have recognized that the people we serve will continue to have need of service but that we should always stop everything for a soul to get right with God.
          In the dream, what I believe the Lord was showing me is that because I did not recognize the moment with her and left her that space of time alone she was able to be convinced by her own reasoning and the pushing of the enemy that she didn’t need the Lord and that we were doing just fine without her. One of the things i remember her saying to me on the phone is that “you all are doing so well without me. YOu don’t need me”. 
        I believe the Lord has given me a warning of what is to come. To pay attention when she, or any other lost soul comes and is ready to commit to the Lord. We MUST recognize the season for each fruit. We must stop everything we are doing and give them the time and attention that the Lord would have us to give if He were the very one there in that moment.

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