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by Sheila Cogan

I was born in the Motor City. My whole family was born there.
My parents met when they were teenagers, a true American love story.
Today my whole family gathers in Detroit for a family reunion, while newspaper Headlines read “Detroit’s Bankruptcy, Get in the Game Washington.”

I know that there is a remnant of believers still in that City praying and believing that God will change things for their good.

Here is what Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce prophesied 4 or 5 years ago.. It is still relevant to the news headlines of today in July 3013.

I agreed with the prayers that the prophetic intercessors put together.

Please read and Agree in prayer with me….

Michigan Root 52 State Prayer Guide

Join us this week in prayer over Michigan’s future. We are so thankful Cindy Jacobs has mobilized the Route 52 initiative. We wanted to partner with her in this for 2010 and believe God is setting up an explosive breakthrough this next week. The nation (from Washington DC) has said, “As Michigan (and Detroit) goes, so goes the nation.” The eyes of the nation have been watching as Michigan economically sank to the bottom and asked, “Will it survive?” Time Magazine moved into a house into Detroit to record the death or resurrection of the city. We believe this is prophetic. There is a new wind blowing, Apostle Barbara Yoder had Chuck Pierce in recently and they both taught on The Seer anointing which is being activated this year. During that time, God pulled out a stinger of death out of our region and God is restoring a prophetic well and voice enabling us to speak into the nation and nations.

Get ready Michigan, you are on the verge of a movement of God.

There was an unholy covenantal root in this region that’s trying to infect this region and the nation, there is a covenantal thing from God that you are re-digging here that is very important to him.

Michigan had great light structures. Lots of freedom outposts but the Lord said: Look deeper. There was a total dark layer of evil that was to be broken through.

So the Lord said to me: Call for help. Call for help into Michigan. There’s a great watchman anointing in Michigan that is to be looking like a miner’s light underneath in the darkness. He showed me Lord Sabaoth, the Lord of Hosts, coming in and bringing angelic forces and they were cutting down through and being positioned where the freedom outposts are. A whole new environment was going to be created by them.

And He said: If you will start walking with Me I’ll give you authority in this land to mobilize My troop for the future. I am here to announce to you Michigan has the opportunity to be in 3 years, by let’s say Pentecost, 2011, to be one of the brightest spots in this nation, or else darkness is going to root deeper. The Lord said starting today angels are going to come in to help you in your families.

There has always been a death sting here and now I am freeing this place to be led into its identity for an entire nations sake in the future. That sting tried to keep you from moving in to the new season. I decree through and into Aug 15, there is a healing well [that] will pulled things out of people. You will reanalyze the regions of your region and you will begin to call in those people in a new way to reform my healing grace and plan of fullness over this region.

There is a turning – where death was ruling, life will come in and rule again. I will join this region with other nations. I will give you an inroad in from this prophetic house [Shekinah] to speak into other nations from their region. I will come and cause this nation to understand that there is a prophetic well it can drink of. In this region, I say NOW, let the transformation of the gatherings of this house begin. The Angel of the Lord has come, to now build up and plant what needs to be planted for the future.


We the people of the State of Michigan, grateful to Almighty God for the blessing of freedom, and earnestly desiring to secure these blessings undiminished to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution.

The name Michigan comes from the Ojibwa word “Mishigama” meaning great lake. Michigan is the 26th state and was formed January 26, 1837. It is knows as the “Wolverine State” and our state motto is, “If you seek a pleasant Peninsula, look around you” Noted leaders include, Henry Ford (by establishing the auto industry, put the world on wheels) and Gerald Ford the 38th President of the United States.

Native American Foundations-Council, Resources and Land Curses.

Throughout Michigan’s history our people have had the ability to gain, speak and mobilize council. Initially it was Native Americans who used the land for this purpose. Sault Ste. Marie was the council grounds between the eastern portion of Canada and the United States. Along with its ability to for gathering councils, Michigan’s land has great resources, is a place of innovation and invention that has influenced the nation and world. Our nation’s first factory was built by the Native Americans in Alpena Michigan. It was mainly a thunderbird god factory. They manufactured and traded icon trinkets from Canada to the western United States and south towards to Florida. This set a precedent for religious spirits being linked with manufacturing, to establish it outside of the presence of the Lord as did Cain.

Michigan is surrounded by key waterways and inland trails which made it a important locations for Natives to council and establish trade from our resources. Eventually First Nations people sought to control those resources through war. Over the course of time, conflicts broke out among the First Nations over the land and resources. This turned Southeast Michigan into a warring, treacherous and murderous territory. Curses were laid upon the people and land to such a degree that we find these curses active today.

French and British Foundations-Military and Government Headquarters

The French and British interest was in land ownership and profiting through resources in the land. Michigan was key because of its waterway access and land trails that proved to be the fastest and most inexpensive way to penetrate the nation (for ownership and profiteering). To gain control of this northern door to our nation, both the French and British established military and government headquarters to give them an advantage in controlling nations and lands around them. Key leaders of both the British and French in the 18-19 century repeated the history of Native Americans through the wrongful shedding of blood (murder), aversion to other cultures, dealing treacherously and deceitfully in trade and in gaining control of the land.

During this era, Detroit earned a place of significance. It became the headquarters or center to the Armed Forces of the nations mentioned above. It was a place from which each nation directed invasions into the Midwest region of the US. By 1805, The Michigan Territory was created. Detroit was designated as the seat of government. Also Detroit was the first city after Washington, DC to pattern itself after the Masonic layout of a city. In 1837, Michigan was admitted to the Union as the 26th state and Detroit served as our first state capitol.

20th Century- Detroit, Ford, Anti-Semitism.

In the 20th century, Michigan became a place of invention and innovation which changed the entire nation. Detroit was the birthplace and leader of car manufacturing (1908) and became the “Motor City” and automotive capitol of the world. In 1941 automobile plants in Detroit area were converted for the production of war materials, helping Michigan become known as the “Arsenal of Democracy.” Warren, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit) was the center for the production of tanks for the Armed Forces.

These efforts above were due to Henry Ford, founder of Ford Automotive. Ford, in US News and World Report, was called the most influential man in the 20th century. His influence reached beyond car manufacturing to become a major force behind and disseminator of anti-Semitic thought and literature in Michigan as well as the US. He funded the publication and dissemination of anti-Semitic materials in 9 languages. His town, Dearborn, Michigan (under Mayor Hubbard’s reign) would not allow Jews or Blacks to live within the city limits. He funded Hitler’s efforts for a season (until Hitler began to invade Poland); influenced the writing of Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf. Ford also became a 33rd degree Mason (not by study but by paying to be one) and strongly backed the Masonic order. Ford’s actions strengthened the foundation for anti-Semitism in this state.

Ford’s actions were treacherous for Jews and Blacks, murderous (in the way that he funded and agreed with the killing of Jews), anti-Semitic, and deceitful (Dearborn headquarters endorsed Ford Germany supplying Hitler during the war.) It is important to note that Ford’s grandson has begun to undo what Ford did by funding such things as the Holocaust Museum in Southfield MI.

Other Items of Significance


Arts &Entertainment Mountain

Entertainment for Michigan includes much in the way of recreation. Michigan’s land and water provides abundant choices for recreation. It’s beautiful shoreline, beaches, sand dunes, pristine lakes and rivers for boating and fishing, and acres of northern woods make it a popular vacation spot for many people. Surrounded by four Great Lakes, Michigan has the longest fresh water shoreline in the world.

Another way Michigan is developing in the arts & entertainment mountain is through movie production. Since a 2008 tax credit for moviemaking became law in Michigan, some major film and television productions have sought to set up in the Detroit area. That has served to create buzz among Hollywood producers and directors that Michigan is a great place to shoot a movie. The most notable of those is Clint Eastwood, who abruptly moved his production of 2008’s Gran Torino from Minneapolis to suburban Detroit. Ken Droz of the Michigan Film Office and Chris Baum of Film Detroit both say Michigan, and particularly Detroit, offers producers everything they need to make a movie efficiently and cost effectively.

Arts & Entertainment Prayer Points:

Call for full restoration of creativity in Michigan to be released. Declare that God be glorified in the arts here in this state and that artists will recognize Him and give Him His rightful place as King of all Creation. Pray that the creative spirit of God be loosed over all of Michigan (younger and older generations) and a spirit of excellence be coupled to it. We desire that godly creative craftsmen arise and display the splendor of the Lord through all their works.

SATURDAY: Family Mountain

The divorce rate in the state of Michigan is the same as the national average, one-half of all marriages. Michigan’s troubling economic climate has caused an unprecedented number of families to seek help putting food on their tables or paying their bills. Personal income growth from 2001 – 2003 was the slowest since the Great Depression.

Detroit statistically and prophetically has been called, a “fatherless and prodigal city”. Chuck Pierce recently prophesied that the prodigals will come home.

1. Michigan, say “Abba Father” in the midst of all your circumstances. Cry out that Fatherhood be restored first in the church. That God’s people honor, welcome and esteem over our church family, we have a father and that we will live by His principals.

2. Call for the restoration of fatherhood in our state. Ask that a spirit of repentance come so we may experience times of refreshing over our families.

3. Bind the covenant breaking spirit, which manifests as divorce, off our state. Declared that God’s love and faithfulness be released over the marriages.(Hebrews 13:4, Hosea 2:19-20)

4. Call for supernatural provision for those in financial difficulty and those who have lost jobs and homes would find work here in Michigan. We ask the Lord for financial breakthroughs for the families. Pray that our economy will prosper (Matthew 6 : 25-31, Philippians 4:19)

5. Pray to dry up the funding that is financing and fueling the pornography and child pornography within our state. Pray that these predators would be caught, prosecuted, and removed from society. (Ephesians 5:11, Proverbs 2:22) Pray for healing over those who have been abused by this system.

SUNDAY: Religion Mountain

Michigan’s waterways and land – in its early years of French exploration – was dedicated to the Queen of Heaven. Detroit at its founding, built under a spirit of Cain vs. of pleasing the Lord. Today the Detroit area and the city of Dearborn MI is home to the largest concentration of Muslims outside of the Middle East. God has entrusted us with the nations in Michigan (over 120+ are represented here). The veil of deception ancient people were under is the same that exists today. BUT God is making tremendous inroads to the point where Muslims are having encounters regularly through dreams and visions understanding who Christ is and receiving him as Lord and Savior.

Michigan has a powerful and influential Jewish community who funds the largest missionary outreach to Israel. Chuck Pierce in March 2010 prophesied that a highway would open up to both Jews and Muslims in our state and we would see both nations come to the Lord. Michigan says, “SELAH!”

“This is about more than blessing this Nation-this is about unlocking the door to the Muslim world.” (Dutch Sheets, 2005)

“The Lord has to have certain places that have an everlasting burning developing– He calls them ‘Freedom Outposts’ (like the old outposts where you got what you needed so you could keep going on your journey)… The only way this nation will make its shift in the next 3 years is that Freedom Outposts get developed now.” (Chuck Pierce, 2009)

1. Call upon Holy Spirit to reveal to all of the nations in our state, who Christ is as Savior. Pray all the nations receive the hope and love of our Lord Jesus Christ and to be saved.

2. Ask the Lord to give visions and dreams, signs and wonders along with angelic encounters that would bring forth the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ among the all peoples of our state.

3. Intercede for the establishing of Freedom Outposts in Michigan.

4. Release IS 62 & IS 35 over the highways in our state, that a pathway and clearing be made for all the nations to come to the Lord.

MONDAY: Business/Economic Mountain

Unemployment in Michigan, a state hurt by the troubles in the auto industry, fell from 14 percent in April. Michigan had had the highest monthly unemployment rate in the country since April 2006. The downturn had caused much reconstruction in the automotive industry to the point of Federal bailouts. Small businesses have been the major employers in the state. Research institutions, University of Michigan, Michigan State, Wayne State and Grand Valley State University remain important to our economy. Michigan has 55,000 farms with 10 million acres of farm land and vineyards exporting cherries, blueberries and sugar beets. We also have 38 deep water ports and a thriving tourist industry; however, 70% of the business comes from Michigan residents.

“There are going to be new technologies and witty inventions birthed by the creativity of the Holy Spirit that will change nations and economies of nations-it will establish new markets and energy sources and solutions in third world nations.

“Natural resources that have not even seen or known in the region, not even been identified in days previous, all of a sudden they are going to appear in the earth-real signs and wonders. They are going to find natural resources released, harvested, sold, and reproduced and it’s going to begin to turn the economy around.”

1. Pray that the spirit of greed and love of money will be broken off the financial system and businesses in Michigan. We ask the Lord to raise up righteous men and women with a Joseph-type gifting into leadership helping our state through this time of recession and depression. (Jeremiah 17:7-8)2.

2. Pray for the prospering and under girding of the small businesses within the state and the creation of new businesses and products. (Deuteronomy 8:18)

3. Pray for wisdom for our legislators so they will pass good laws that will help the failing businesses within the state. We ask for tax burdens to be lifted off of small business owners.

4. Pray for manufacturing, various industries, and new jobs to be brought into the state as well as the developing of new businesses creating more employment. (Proverbs 13:11)

5. Pray for job creation for our youth so this exodus from our state would stop.

TUESDAY: Education Mountain

The state of Michigan has many excellent universities, medical schools, law schools, agricultural and engineering schools. The University of Michigan was the first university established by any of the states. Michigan State University is the largest institution of higher learning in the state and one of the largest universities in the country. MSU’s College of Human Medicine has locations in seven communities throughout the state. Public schools continue to struggle with budget cuts and teacher lay-offs.

“I’m declaring to you education and books and universities that properly develop mind molders who influence the influential and raise up kingdom movers and shakers and kingdom builders in the educational system of the whole Detroit area.”

1. To raise up righteous teachers and professors that will tear down lies being taught in the schools. Pray for boldness and protection for the Christian teachers as they speak the truth, exposing wrong mindsets and idolatrous foundations. (Psalms 51:6 John 7:15-18

2. For Godly wisdom for the Boards of Education, the elected officials, both men and women, who make decisions for our children’s education materials. We ask the Lord to raise up Christians who will make a strong stand for good materials and against the new age, pro-abortion mindsets, anti god and homosexual friendly curriculum, and loose morality that is being forced upon the students. (Isaiah 30:20-22)

3. The influence of Islam is being taught in our schools. Michigan is the Islamic capitol of the USA. There is an over-abundance of Islamic schools in Southeastern Michigan.

WEDNESDAY: Government Mountain

Term limits has produced a whopping 29 seats in the State Senate where incumbents cannot seek re-election. In the House, the turnover will be just as dramatic with 52 out of 110 races featuring no incumbent. With many other statewide elected offices up for grabs, the 2010 election season will be among the most closely watched in years.

Prayer teams monthly visit our Capitol in Lansing, to pray for the government and its officials. A governmental House of Prayer is opening soon near the Capitol building. Our current Governor’s term is up as well as Senate and House members who are term limited. We believe there will be sweeping changes in leadership following the November election this fall.

“Corruption in politics will be dealt with. God is getting ready to change things in the political realm and corruption is about to be dealt with on major levels”.

Government Prayer Points:

1. Pray that the 2010 elections in November will restore true Godly leaders.

2. Pray for clear minds and the ability to be well informed to pass good laws for our state.

3. Pray for protection of Michigan from social unrest, terrorism, biological, and chemical warfare, as well as any geo-physical disasters.

THURSDAY: Media Mountain

Over the past year Michigan has seen media report various accounts of miracles taking place through the venue of prayer. This includes a Detroit pastor praying for and seeing reports of healings and miracles and in Saginaw a child came back to life a result of prayer. Pastors of this city shared with us, the next day high school students heard of this report and over 30 students accepted Christ then were baptized in the spirit.

Time Magazine, as we have mentioned, is documenting a year long visit the death or resurrection of Detroit.

In Detroit God is going to raise up new voices in the media that will be known for wisdom and truth. (Ray Hughes, 2008)

1. Call for the media to speak truth. Say to the mouth of media, prophesy truth, release the reports, signs and wonders of God.

2. Pray that a spirit of truth overtake all serving in media be unbiased and truthful in reporting the news. Pray for new standards of righteousness and integrity within the media and all communication outlets.

(Psalms 15:1-2, Proverbs 14:34)

2. Pray that the Spirit of Truth would expose deception and uncover the works of the antichrist spirit at work within the media all of our communication outlets.

3. Pray that the internet will be used as a technological laborer for God’s purposes. May Christians invade chat rooms, MySpace and Facebook with God’s truth always giving an answer and reason for the hope of their calling.


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