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This is what the Lord layed on April’s heart last night. She shared it with me and said that I could post it here for all to hear:

Isaiah 34 and 19..share the opportunity to pray about these things. know there will be a fight on your hands but you will not fail; do not question me; trust me; I have you and I have your back..

behind You.. before you..quiet your soul and listen..

the time is near, there is a season it’s becoming quite clear, the nations are rising and I hear the pleas,my people are calling they’re down on their knees,  I’ll not be mistaken in how I approach, the harvesters the laborers the land owners who search..for me, gone is the time when the mocker succeeds, concede he will, bleed he will; greed will kill the will. Stare in my eyes and you’ll see this is truth, I don’t lie nor defy my word. choose me or lose me. I died,now I live. no excuses to give; hear me beckon your heart for I’ll soon depart and declare for your blasphemy I knew you not…now what say you…

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