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Today I went to work a half hour early.. Not even remembering that we were having an ice cream social.

I got in line and the gentleman in line behind me said… “I wasn’t going to get in line but one of the mangers encouraged me to” (he was a vendor who worked on the air conditioning units at ESPN).

So at a table where 4 of us were talking about air conditioner problems, He told me that when I get tired of sweating to call him. He thinks he can save me hundreds and hundreds of dollars.
He is coming over Sunday..

Later He even went to his van so he could hand me a business card and found me in the studio.
That is why I say…

Oh yes favor is chasing me down!
Praise Jesus!

Deuteronomy 28:2
“And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, if you obey the voice of the Lord your God”

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My spirit has been stirred by the All Knowing, All Powerful Spirit of God who has been given to us to guide us into all truth and to speak to us what He has seen and heard from the throne of our God.

He says to me to get ready. He invites us to come into His chambers and speak intimately with Him. He desires to know us intimately. He desires to show us the secrets of His heart. He has been longing to share them with a people who are hungry for truth, righteousness, and holiness.

He recently has connected me again in a deeper way with those that I consider my spiritual parents, Bert & Caroline Farias. They have poured into me a foundation of “walking” and “abiding” in the presence and never settling for anything other than the tangible presence of the Holy One.

It seems the people of God are reconnecting with each other in the spirit of unity with one another as we grow unsatisfied with the systems of the world and the systems of man. Recently in prayer I found myself proclaiming “gone is the age of man. Today we enter into the age of God!” What I interpreted that to be is that the Lord is done allowing us to do things our way. He has had enough of man taking His Glory for his own personal gain, whether it is for fame, honor, financial gain, or whatever. That day is done!

He reminded me of the story of the Philistines who came and stole the Ark of the Covenant from the people of Israel. ( 1 Sam 5) When the people of Ashdod put the ark into their temple that also housed their god, Dagon, they came in the next day and Dagon was face down. The next day they entered he was face down again but this time without head or hands. They continued after this to pass the ark around and eventually gave it back to the people of Israel. One of the things that I believe the Lord is showing us in this is that He will not share His glory with anyone. The glory belongs to the people of God as they walk in complete obedience to His will. The glory is to be revealed through the people of God to draw others to repentance. Those people saw the victories and triumphs that the people of Israel had due to the glory (or presence) that they thought they could take it unto themselves for their own gain. I believe we are entering into a day when He will not allow His glory to be shared with another.


Wednesday June 5,2013 brother Bert began to text me regarding the things that the Lord had been stirring on his heart regarding the systems of men. This sparked in me a real passion to take these things before the Lord. That night as I entered into prayer ready to pray about these systems needing to fall, etc. He took me into a different place than I was expecting. He took me to Rev 2: 1-7 where He speaks to the church of Ephesus regarding the fact that she has turned from her first love.

The next place in scripture that really stood out to me was the letter to the church of Sardis where he speaks to the church to “wake up”. Then to the church of Philadelphia where he says that “because you have kept the word of my perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.” (rev 3:7-13)

Then to the church of Laodicea He says that because they are “neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth”.

He has placed on me a burden to pray for the church to get ready. For the bride to “return to her first love . That we would become so madly, passionately in Love with our Savior that we don’t even want to breathe without being in His presence. For the church to “wake up” from her slumber and “days of Noah” mentalities and begin to see with Kingdom eternal perspective. That we, (the church) would remember why we asked him to be Lord of our lives in the first place. That those in “ministry” would go back to the place when they first said yes to the calling and ask themselves what was the reason and motivation of that yes. If we are not in ministry out of sincere passionate love for our Savior then what is the point?

I believe that as we return to our first love and respond to the very evident wooing of the Spirit to come away and be intimate we will learn how to truly abide in His ever present anointing. Truly walking the earth as we were intended to, as carriers of the Glory. I believe that we are stepping into the days of Pentecost. The days of Acts. The days where we are walking in power. The days where we will see signs, wonders, miracles and everything that has been promised to us. I believe that as we learn to walk in the place of intimate abiding is where we will get our strength to stand in the days to come. The strength and protection for the “hour of testing” can only be found as we stand in His presence before the throne.

I hear him emphasize over and over to keep our minds stayed on heavenly things and not on the world. That we must make constant effort to resist the world, it’s systems, and mindsets.

I see a very definite line coming that will identify the sheep from the goats while at the same time I see darkness about to rise in vain efforts to mask the coming Glory as the sons and daughters of God are revealed. Church we must be ready!!!!!

I saw a picture of concrete being poured. I knew as I saw this that all the structures of men had already come to nothing. I knew that this was a new day and new foundations were being poured. I knew that we were stepping into the age of God. I knew that He was laying His own foundations for the church to be built upon. The other thing that I saw was that those who were pouring concrete who did NOT make Christ the cornerstone, their concrete was not being allowed to harden. (it would never harden again) Those who made Christ the cornerstone, their concrete was hardening.


Ever since brother Bert’s visit I have been feeling a renewed mandate on my life to get the word out. To “gather the troops” as the Lord spoke to my husband. To press in.  I feel a new sense of urgency to meet with  fellow seekers and to teach and pour everything I have learned of the Spirit into them. To gather as often as possible and build relationships so that we are all prepared for what is coming (or already here).

My prayer is “Revive the Revolution”! The Revolution of the first church of Acts. Get ready church! He is coming back for a Spotless Bride.

Christina Hugie

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Todd Bentley
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Medically Verified Healing!


This just in from Wendy Alec GOD TV Founder   2 comments

Signs and Wonders

For do not look at the past says the Lord. Do not look to the things that have gone before. For behold, watch I do a new thing. And I will pour out my spirit in a new way, in a manner that you have not known before.

For behold this is a new day, it is a new day, and behold the past is behind, and all things are become new.

And yes there will be naysayers and yes there will be persecution, but they know not the mind of the Lord. They know not my mind. For am I not God? Is man’s heart not in my hands? For I tell you that I am God Almighty, God of heaven and earth and I choose whom I choose to choose.

And I tell you that in days and in weeks to come you shall even see signs that you have not known. And you shall see wonders. I tell you wonders. Wonders in the sky, wonders in the revival, wonders in the overflow rooms, wonders in the stadiums to come. For I tell you that the stadiums- they are to come. The stadiums, the living rooms- the glory.

For my fire shall fall. My fire shall fall from heaven and there shall be thunder and there shall be lightnings and there shall literally be the sounds of heaven, the sounds of heaven shall resound through the earth through this outpouring. Visitation, visitation, visitation says the Lord. Prepare for visitation in homes, in your cities, in your Nation. For what I am about to do cannot be contained. It cannot be contained and I will turn unbelievers in their steps and I will open blind eyes and the paralyzed will walk.

A Great Grace

But the hallmark of this next move shall be a great grace says the Lord. A great grace, and there shall be weeping and tears. Many, many, many tears shall fall upon the altars – physical altars and the altars of men’s hearts.

And I shall burn up those besetting weaknesses and those addictions. My spirit shall be poured out upon the prisoner and the murderer and the adulterer and the heroin addict and the pornographer. My spirit shall be poured out upon the pedophile.

Ohhhhhhh roars the Lord of hosts from this place. From this outpouring I tell you a great great, grace such as has never been poured out upon all flesh before, shall be poured out in this dispensation.

The World

And from this kindling fire in Durban, from this seemingly insignificant beginning in South Africa, to the world. The world shall be set light with a great grace and as the fire comes down. And as the great, grace pours downward from heaven from the heavenlies, satanic forces will be paralyzed. For the great grace is my Son says the Lord. The great great, grace is none other than the Holy, Holy Lamb of God.

The atmosphere of the wicked shall become the atmosphere of heaven and the atmosphere of the addicted and the oppressed shall be infiltrated by the supernatural. And the sick, oh how my heart yearns, oh yearns for the sick and the chronically ill and the terminally ill. And I tell you that in this season and in this hour and from this place comes a great, grace upon the sick. And this great, grace of healing, this healing grace shall pour out upon the sick and upon the dying. And my resurrection power and the power and the glory of the supernatural shall break, shall destroy, shall disintegrate the shackles of the spirits of sickness, of the spirits of infirmity, of the spirits of death that the enemy has loosed on the church in this last hour.

The Tables are Turning

The tables are turning. Church saints, arise with a roar. Arise with the shout of Zion for your time is upon you. Your time has come and the glory of the Lord shall cover the sea and this great, grace shall burn from Durban to Capetown, to Johannesburg to Namibia, to Mozambique and to Zimbabwe. It shall burn and there shall be governmental changes in the outpouring.

England and United Kingdom, heaven speaks to you. You are one who is dearly held in the courts of heaven. Oh I weep for you United Kingdom and I tell you I am coming to you. I love you. I am coming to you. I am about to pour a great and terrible holy, grace upon you. And this fire that has been kindled in this far off place, this fire that has been kindled in Durban shall reach to your shores like a blazing firecracker. And all who have been hungry will be filled.

And I shall do manifest miracles and wonders in England says the Lord. In the North. You shall see my fire fall. In the midlands, in the south and the southwest my fire will burn.

And Scotland, Ireland, and Wales: you have yet to see your day and your day arises. And this fire will overflow from Durban, South Africa into living rooms across the nation of great Britain and to Europe, Scandinavia, and Germany says the Lord of hosts. I call your name. I call your name Germany. The fire is falling Germany. And Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, France. Durban to France. Durban to Switzerland. Holland.

And now beloved America, beloved America, oh like a blazing fire I come to you. Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire. From this place, fire fireballs ignited from this place all across the United States. Ohio. Texas. Georgia. Kansas. Missouri. Louisiana. New York. I call you New York. Los Angeles. California. Ablaze fire fireballs all across California, the northern California. Fireballs aligning and joining with Redding, California a mighty burning bush blazing across California.

Oh I have waited. I have waited and it is time. It is time; no more shall you say revival is coming. In this day and in this hour of dispensation you shall surely say revival is here. And communities, rainbows say the Lord. Muslims. Hindus. Buddhists. India. Africa. North Korea. Philippians.

And as the devil sets his schemes into motion in the governmental and political arenas of this world, I declare that I alone am the lord of hosts and this is not the enemy’s day. This is my day. This is the day of my son. This is the day and the great outpouring of the lamb.

Let the enemy tremble. This is the day of the glorious lamb.

Wendy Alec

GOD TV Founder


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Anyone who knows me knows that I love Mustangs… always have always will. My dad used to take me to see them come off the factory line where he worked in Dearborn, Michigan.

We would sit at a Duncan Donut Shop and look out the window at a dealership that had all the Mustangs lined up. Even as a child.. I knew I would have one some day.

And I’ve owned several. It was past time to sell my current ‘stang. It took a Mustang to get me out of my Mustang, and more importantly it took the Lord to show me it was time.

Tuesday of this week, I had a rare day off in the middle of a work week. Monday night I spent time looking on the internet pricing Mustangs to figure out exactly what I was interested in.

I gathered my printouts with dealer incentives and Kelley Blue Book prices so I was educated as to what my 2005 Mustang was worth.

My plan for the day was to go to Rock Hill first to get my car detailed just in case I traded it in. Next stop, a dealership in Rock Hill, and then work my way back towards Fort Mill Ford, and then check out the Charlotte dealerships.

As I was starting to get on the highway to go to Rock Hill, I felt a prompting to 1st Stop at Fort Mill Ford to “just do a quick drive by to see what’s on the lot.”

Not really wanting a salesperson to catch me looking… ‘Cause I had a schedule and a lot of places to go. (So I thought)


I was greeted by a nice salesperson and I told her about my plan for the day.  There was one item I had to have on my Mustang, that was leather seats. My 2005 Mustang had cloth seats that I had to replace with leather because the cloth ones wore out.

I kept looking inside the vehicles and not one of them had leather.

That really was a deal breaker for me. She told me I could have leather put in for an additional charge.

The other thing I wanted was a premium package which was the middle-of-the-road Mustang which had upgraded rims and trim and technology packages.

I was honest with my salesperson and told her I wanted to go to Rock Hill and that I would work my way back and that she didn’t have any cars I wanted anyway.

We go to My salesperson’s office just to see what the price of the base Mustang is.. and I figure I can trick it out with leather seats and better rims later. This way my payment would be low.

So when I’m in the office with the salesperson.. I feel prompted to show her some tricks on her ipad.

So I give her all my quick tricks on the iPad– some ways to make it quicker, ways to organize photos and she really enjoys the lesson and wants more classes!

We start talking more personal and come to find out, her mom is battling cancer and has a mass on her lung and I realize I’m not sitting in that office about a Mustang at all– it’s a divine “God Appointment!”

As I listen to her pour out her heart about her mother who is choosing not to take any chemo or radiation treatments, I know I have to tell her that the Lord healed my father and healed me and if He will do it for us, he will do it for her mom.

I told her It doesn’t matter her age.  We spoke about faith.  We spoke against doubt and unbelief. We talked about how Jesus healed all!

I told her I wanted to pray.  I asked her mother’s name and she said, “Let’s do it right here right now.”

Praying for somebody in public is a little different at a dealership with sales people in glass offices, but this was life or death.  We didn’t care. We just went for it!

We prayed. We agreed. We talked about the power of agreement according to Matthew 18:18-19 “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. “

I told her to read healing scriptures in the Bible to her mother everyday.

Psalm 30:2

O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me.

Psalm 34:19

Many are the afflictions of the righteous:

but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.

Psalm 55:18

He hath delivered my soul in peace from the battle that was against me:

for there were many with me.

Psalm 97:10

Ye that love the Lord, hate evil: he preserves the souls of his saints;

he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

Psalm 103:3

Who forgives all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;

Psalm 119:93

I will never forget thy precepts: for with them thou hast quickened me.

 Isaiah 53:5

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities:the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.


She was touched.  I was touched. And like I stated before, the Mustang didn’t matter at this point.

We started to look at the numbers. I thought…. “maybe Lord, you brought me here for her and to build her faith and maybe I’ll just get the base Mustang even though that is not the desire of my heart.”  I would just deal with it and upgrade the things that I wanted to upgrade later.

It would’ve been a little bit difficult to go from a 2005 Mustang totally loaded with navigation and leather seats and sported out like a GT and bigger rims to a plain Jane maroon-colored Mustang, but at that point I was fine with it.

Because my dad worked at Ford over 35 years, I get a discount. So she  looked up my discounted price on the base Mustang.

My dad’s discount was basically the same price that Fort Mill Ford was asking for the base Mustang.

She then tells me that they have a sister dealership on the other side of town and that I could pick a car online and they could bring it to me.

Immediately we see the 2013 red Mustang, black leather seats, updated rims, updated technology package integrated Bluetooth with $5000 worth of discounts from the dealership.

Couple that with my dad’s discount we did the numbers and the base Mustang was the same price as this TRICKED OUT PONY!

Isn’t that like God?

He gave me the tricked out Pony at the price of the base Mustang!


I did not have to run from dealership to dealership…

I had totally forgotten months ago that I said I wanted a red Mustang. It was my friends that reminded me when I told them, “Hey, I got a 2013 Mustang!” and they said,  “It’s red, right?”

I was ready to settle for a base Mustang, any color, and the Lord remembered my prayers more than I did and he cared about the desires of my heart.

We’ve got to put Him first.  We have got to have compassion for other people.  We have got to stop and pray for people without even thinking about it. When you dig a little deeper, The Lord will show you what burdens people are bearing behind that smile.

Here is the icing on the cake:  a few years ago, I verbally committed to go back to MorningStar and made my decision to go to that prophetic church so I could learn more about prophecy.

The first Sunday back, a total stranger comes up to me in the middle of the worship service. I’m standing up by the audio booth and she said, “You’re the one, you’re the one, you’re the one– I have a word for you.”

So she proceeds to say this: “What I see is: God has given you a vehicle….not only a physical vehicle. I feel like it’s a car, but it’s also a vehicle for you to grow in.”

For the last few years I have been wondering if promotion and growth and transitions happen in the spiritual or natural first?

Now I know!   I remember sitting at an IHOP with Three Pastors and I took my Mustang post card out and we prayer over it.. It was a RED MUSTANG TRICKED OUT…

Now the spiritual Vehicle is “cleared for take off!”




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If I made the statement that I spent one half of my life praying for one particular thing, that would be accurate.

Of course there were plenty of other prayers going out for friends family and country… but the specific prayer on my heart was restoration.

I worked as a camera operator at PTL through the “glory days”. During those days we had 3000 employees. We produced 86 shows a week and to our surprise it all came tumbling down in March 1987.

Fast forward to March, 2013 and The Lord brought back Jim Bakker to speak to the staff and partners who have prayed for 25 years that God’s Restoration would take place!

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Cindy Jacobs And Jim Bakker At the Upper Room On February 28, 2013   Leave a comment

Cindy Jacobs And Jim Bakker At the Upper Room On February 28, 2013
Speaking about Restoration and prayers for Healings of Cancer and every other disease.
Tammy Sue sings “He Touched Me”

Here is the Audio

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Lyrics “The Anthem”

“The Anthem” Lyrics
by Jake Hamilton | from the album Marked By Heaven

I can hear the footsteps
of my King
I can hear his
heartbeat beckoning
In my darkness
He has set me free
Now I hear the
spirit calling me

He’s calling
Wake up child
It’s your turn to shine
You were born
for such a time as this. (2x)
Such a time as this

I can hear a holy rumbling
I have begun to preach
another king.
Loosing chains and
breaking down the walls.
I want to hear the Father when he calls.

He is calling
Wake up child
It is your turn to shine
You were born
for such a time as this (3x)
Such a time as this

This is the anthem
of our generation,
Here we are God
Shake our nation
All we need is your love
You captivate me. (3x)

I am royalty
I have destiny
I have been set free
I am gonna shake history

I am gonna change the world!

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Restorations and Renovations   2 comments

It was so good to be in the studio again yesterday praising the Lord with like-minded people. People that Longed for and prayed for restoration.

Restoration… not of buildings which are where people gather, restorations of hearts of people that have been carrying unresolved emotions for years and years.

I dare to say I have probably spent more time in the Jim Bakker studio than anyone because I am a camera person. camera people get more access than anybody.

We get to go Into places first, set-up, meet with the who”s who of which ever event. Then we get to leave last because we pack up.

The way I look at it is… I continued to show up at that studio no mater who was in charge.

And for a little while I was in charge in 2005-2006 I actually had keys to the studio and a blank check in order to get the studio back to the way it used to be when it thrived in the 80’s

Earl and Sabrina Coulston use to use the term “renovate”.

According to Webster…Renovate means : to restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding)

And that is what the Coulston’s did.

The Coulston”s actually Reopened The studio in September 2005
With three days of praying and fasting with Lou Engle and The Call and the Cause. Young People were all over this studio praying for the overturning of “Roe vs Wade”

In 1992 when Bruce Wilkerson and his staff were at studio, I walked in and didn’t recognize one cameraperson. Curiosity got me, and the next day I went and “tried out” for a camera job.

So I had to run camera while Bruce Wilkerson warned me that his staff was really good on camera.. So he “bobs and weaves” all over my old Studio floor and I kept up with him. He said ” you’re really good” and I got the camera position on the toughest camera.

Jim Bakker had given me a lot of practice following Preachers on a tight shot. James Robison, Benny Hinn, Larry Lea, all moved a lot in excitement and if you could keep them framed and in focus..you were considered the best of the best in Camera Operation.

The set that Jim Bakker is using today is a set that was in pieces on the floor back in 2005 and I went to the Coulston’s and I said “hey we can make a set out of this ”
I remember what it used to look like and I got Mike Balbi to help us.

So with the Coulston’s finances and Mike Balbi, and James Adams, we all put the set back together. It lives again! it was truly renovated for this restoration celebration.

Everybody wonders why those blue chairs are still in there they’re very expensive to replace so we cleaned him up and we prayed over everyone of them.
To us, and to God, every blue chair represents someone in the Past who have set in those chairs during the Jim Bakker show, and people in the future that will gather and praise the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

So when I walked in and seen those blue chairs I smiled.

Thanks to the many people behind the scenes through the years that had the keys to the building, a vision in their heart and that Nehemiah spirit to rebuild the walls.

The second part of Webster’s definition for renovate is: 2 : to restore to life, vigor, or activity : revive (the church was renovated by a new spirit)

And today is another opportunity for Restoration and Renovation!
What a Celebration of God and His Divine Purposes!




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Yesterday’s gathering at the upper room was incredible.

There was a lot of honoring going on.

Rick Joyner honored Jim Bakker for being a good father to all of us in the Christian world.

Jim Bakker honored Bill Garthright for being the Godfather of Christian television.

Cindy Jacobs kept Honoring God by talking about how all of this is full circle what is incredible, is that she prayed and prophesied over the upper room property in 1988 that it would be restored.

Jim Bakker honored Dale Hill for being his first director way back in the CBN days in the 60s, And Dale was directing this program also.

Jim honored Mondo, his current director who helped Jim after prison.

Jim talked about Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Ruth Graham who all stood by him during his prison days.

Jim asked for us, the staff members to forgive him.

Cindy spoke over everyone that all would be returned that was stolen,

Jim picked Helen Headley out of the crowd (a faithful usher for many years on the Jim Bakker Show ) and walked with her and loved on her and talked about how she was the last one that he saw before he went to prison. (She was praying for him before he was put into the car after leaving the courthouse.)

(My personal story about Helen is that when I was going through a divorce and had no place to live, Helen had a room for me)

Everyone including Cindy Jacobs and Jim Bakker honored Russell James for restoring and purchasing the upper room.

Russell James honored the laborers that helped him along the way.

When the Upper Room was being restored, there were some scriptures made in stone on the walk of faith that were hard to find.. The very last scripture Russell James and his co- laborers found that was put back in place was:

◄ James 5:15 ►
And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.



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