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Praying to Hear God’s Voice by James W. Goll   Leave a comment

Praying to Hear God’s Voice
by James W. Goll

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them and they follow Me.”
— John 10:27

We were created with a deep longing within us to truly hear our Master’s voice. We desire to do His will. But we are not made to be mechanical robots that just march around doing “ordained things.” Fellowship with our Creator is our birthright. If this yearning for intimate relationship with the lover of our soul is to be fulfilled, then hearing His voice is a must.

Jesus came to restore mankind into the sweet, divine fellowship that Adam and Eve first knew in the garden. For this potential to be reached, close, intimate communication is a must. To have good communication, though, we must learn to “speak up” and to push the “pause button” in order to listen. We have to restore the lost art of taking time to expectantly listen.

It Takes Two
Fellowship is not a one-way road. It takes at least two, with both attentively in one another’s presence sharing in communion. Our relationship with our Papa was never meant to be a long distance telephone conversation. Availability is God’s middle name ― just aching to spend time with us alone. He yearns to hear from you! He desires to hear from you! Give Him something to respond to. Talk and then take time to listen.

The greatest key to hearing God’s voice is cultivating a “love-based” relationship. I want to hear His voice and intimately know Him ― not just on a casual basis but a daily vibrant one. Sounds to me like you want this kind of two-way love relationship with God also. So go with me now on a journey of beginning to hear and love God’s voice.

We Each Have a Desperate Need
We all need to see and hear what our Papa is doing. We need to hear and know the voice of our Father, the Son Jesus, and that of the Holy Spirit, our Helper, Guide and Comforter. Again, it’s all about being in God’s presence, how else are we going to see and hear, firsthand?

Perhaps you, too, will add your name to the list of those who heard God speak and then grew strong in faith to do mighty exploits in His great name. Remember, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the words of Christ. Need another level of faith for what lies ahead? Then take time to listen for His voice with all your heart. All things are possible to them who believe!

Dear Lord, I want to hear Your voice and learn Your ways. Be my Teacher and Guide. I want to know You, be a disciple of Christ Jesus, and have sweet communion with You. I want to hear You, have faith and obey! Help Lord, your servant is listening! Amen!

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